Antonia Carmi: Paths of the Soul

Through her meditation on the inner power of color, Antonia Carmi explores the space of nature as a source of mental energy linked to the silent movements of light and the subtle balances established between the vibrations of thought and the universal order of forms.

The particles of color evoke the continuous transformation of space and time in a process that combines a rational design with the profound impetus of being, without, however, ever separating mind and body, which act together in order to change memory of the real world into the evocative threshold of painting. Solid and void become the same substance of the visible world, opportunities for reciprocal growth that are specified through the rhythms of the strokes of color, connecting to all the souls of the universe that the artist senses within herself: previous and future paths, they are the essence of spiritual vision.

The forms of nature – trees, shells, lakes, seas, and skies – vary within the space of the sheet through the ever-changing lightness of watercolor. Their composition involves a continuous combination of grids and spirals that – proceeding from transparency to transparency – gravitate towards pure harmony of light. Small patches, light nuances, minimal iridescence and cosmic inspiration set the pace for the bright grays and blues, the brilliant reds, the radiant variations of yellow and green, and the breaths of light blue, that with an elementary alphabet, recount the primary emotions that are born of white.

The symbolic form of the spiral indicates the vital value of space and its boundless spreading through the continuous modulation of circular forms, structures that are repeated by playing on tonal harmonies and reciprocal magnetism. The spiral is reflected in the precision of its movement: it may become a helix of light that drives intangible atmospheres towards the upper reaches of the sky. The circular form dominates unopposed, indicating that the path to follow lies within itself: within vortices of impalpable light. These compositional balances give rise to a desire to discover the sources of the invisible, the affinity between physical values and spiritual tensions, and the joy of painting as a path of the soul in search of universal harmonies.

Claudio Cerritelli