Fluid Maps (2015)

The body of work of this exhibition represents a very important transition in my creative journey.

The inspiration came easily to me each time I sat at my drawing table, I only needed to revolve my attention inward and be open to be lead to a different space and time. A vague image came to me, colors, texture, and the feeling of observing the world from above. My hand was free to draw some initial marks on the paper and the rest followed, with lightness and delight.

The big difference with my earlier work is that there was not any careful planning and painfully slow execution, and the images were less contained and more assertive.  What I achieved is a maturation that I longed to have for a long time, a joyful progression of the process of creating art.

The source of my inspiration though is the same, it comes from within.

I’m quite sure that this development of my artistic expression is connected to where I am in my personal growth and spiritual journey today.

What is art? Is it purely the result of learned techniques, or a naturally gifted hand or eye? In my opinion art is those techniques, a good hand and eye, plus the mysterious non-tangible other factors that resides in the soul. That combination allows the artist to become a conduit, an instrument through which some knowledge and emotions are transformed in stimulating images for fruition.

I truly hope that by openly observing my art work, other joyful and healing emotions will be triggered in you.

Previous Works (2010-2012)