Antonia Carmi was born in Genoa, Italy, where she grew up in a family of artists. As a child and adolescent, she was strongly influenced by the images, ideals, and unconventional environment that surrounded her. After moving to Milan, she attended and graduated from Brera Art School. Upon graduation, she traveled for several months throughout the United States and Central American on a solo voyage, the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-exploration. Inspired by her travels, she returned to Italy and made her home in Rome. The vibrant local film scene was a catalyst for her decision to attend drama school, at the Studio Fersen di Arti Sceniche, and pursue work as an actress. Carmi had a strong interest in filmmaking and worked in the movie industry in Rome and New York.

She moved to the United States permanently in 1986. Her marriage and the birth of her two sons changed her life drastically and redirected her energy back towards her innate love of fine arts. Carmi’s rich life experiences have made her into the artist that she is today. For many years now, she has taken an interest in spiritual studies and knowledge of the soul – a path that has provided the foundation for much of her work.

She has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1990.


Artist Statement

“I believe that the creative process is a vital necessity and that artistic expression is an opportunity for meditation, healing, and personal growth. Explorations of nature and light provide my inspiration. Spirituality provides my guidance.

Among my most recent series of work, I have utilized watercolor as the principle medium. I have found that its transparency seems to match the fluidity of my intuition. I also work on canvas and wood, using acrylic paint, collage, fabric, ink, and other textural elements.”